Beplic is our first product and can help you to improve your customer experience.


Beplic is a web platform that integrates the most used digital channels. It connects to WhatsApp, Facebook and has a customizable chatbot to install on web pages, a lead generator to turn you web into an important and proactive communication channel.

As part of our goal of expanding our service portfolio, we have developed a multi-channel customer service platform; Beplic.

Beplic, a tech solution that brings all the conversations you have with your customers together, prioritizing their choice in terms of which channel to use to connect with your company.

Beplic is step 0 in communicating with your customer. Don’t underestimate SM’s or a WhatsApp message’s power. Nowadays, not only does the digital world MAKES IT POSSIBLE TO FOCUS ON YOUR CUSTOMER, BUT IT ACTUALLY DEMANDS IT.

Use Beplic and get an 11% increase in your conversion rate, CHECKED!, so our customers say.