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We Are Meta Business Partner! (MBP)

April 8, 2024 AdminBlimop Comments Off

We Are Meta Business Partner! (MBP)

After several months of work, we can proudly announce that we are META BUSINESS PARTNERS specializing in WhatsApp.

This achievement was obtained after working on the integration of our platform Beplic with the WhatsApp API.

A separate paragraph deserves mention, and we will do it in another post, about what the Official WhatsApp API is and what the WhatsApp world is like, as many of us use this powerful communication tool, but we know little about its true potential when it comes to doing business.

Benefits of being MBP:

  • Access to various resources on conversational marketing and business.
  • Priority operational support.
  • Access to training on using WhatsApp in business.

What your company can get by joining Meta through us:

  • Priority direct access to META support
  • Integration of WhatsApp tools, e.g., catalog, tags, detailed conversation statistics
  • Technical support from our WhatsApp channel specialists.
  • Beplic, our multichannel solution to boost your digital channels and increase your sales.

Now that we have overcome this stage, we know that Beplic has great challenges ahead:

Constant Evolution of the Platform: WhatsApp is known for its continuous innovation and frequent updates. Keeping up with these transformations can be a challenge, especially for business partners who must quickly adapt to new functionalities and changes in the API.

Compliance and Regulation: Given the sensitive nature of communication through WhatsApp, there is strict regulation around the commercial use of the platform. Partners must comply with privacy and data security policies, which may require careful planning and management.

Complex Integration: Integrating WhatsApp with existing business systems can be complicated and require deep technical knowledge. Interoperability with other applications and platforms is essential to offer a cohesive and efficient user experience.

Technically, functionally, and from a business perspective, we find that being MBP is extremely beneficial when accompanying our clients in digital transformation or improving their sales processes, customer service, and customer experience. The present is in messengers, in social networks, companies must think and design their commercial strategies for that customer who has direct access to them in the palm of their hand.

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